Round 3 saw us return  'TUP NORTH' to sunny Pendle & District Model Car Club at Nelson.
Home of Ex British Champion Dave Crompton, and the next Astro track in this years calender.

It was a sad day also as we said goodbye and a HUGE THANK YOU to Dave, Stan and Clare who have been the major contibutors to the club over the last many many years. Dave is hanging up his transmitter and Clare her cooking apron to enjoy a more relaxed life out of the RC world, and a touch of jealousy was felt by myself !!
On behalf of all the drivers who have ever attended PDMCC and all at the NRS we wish to you all the best and thank you for everything you have done for the club and RC community.

Saturday practice day had been cut short to 1pm until 4pm as the club was still getting the track ready for the main eventon sunday. I must admit knowing this short timescale meant i didnt arrive at the club myself until Sunday Morning. So unsure just how many turned up to get settings in place for the next day. Numbers were a little lower than expected (35 in total), as i think the lack of camping over facilties put a few off coming up and some unforseen circumstances. It was a real shame, but we cracked on and make the most of the weekends racing time.


The usual format of a full round of timed practice for all, followed by 4 rounds of qualifying with best 3 to count towards finals positions. The weather was fantastic again, If ony we had this sun every racing weekend !!

TQ's this round where as follows.
NITRO BUGGY - Jack Hirst
TRUGGY - Alan Yates
E BUGGY - Mick Butler

Onto the finals, and the opportunity for some drivers to get some well needed points with the lack of Kieran Cox at this event. A great chance to put the overall NRS Championship title back into an open situation.


22 min finals as usual for the Nitro buggies, and John Dobson was at the front of the grid for this one. The buzzer went and for the first time in a while the whole pack got away cleanly on the first corner. The 1-8 positions never changing until well into lap 10, where for a brief lap or to Ken Penny took the lead off John. But then it reverted back on lap 12, and pretty much stayed like that all the way through until the final bell. Paul varley in 3rd taking the last podium spot. Unfortunatley for Paul in was only the top 2 that bumped to the B Final.


PDMCC local and new committee member Grant Maiden was leading the grid on this one, with Mick Butler who hadnt had the best days so far with the Nitro right behind and looking for the bump. Again only 2 from this final moving up to the big league A Final. Unlike the C Final, carnage at the first with the majority of the drivers moving up and down through the race rankings. The biggest loser Mick Butler dropping to Last place. So some serious work to do through the chaos that raced in front of him. But experience and patience shone throu as by Lap 13 he was into 1st place, and stayed there right to the end, finishing 1 lap ahead of the rest of the drivers at 31 laps. The last of the bump ups was hottly contested between David Brooksbank and Grant Maiden. Into the last few mins of the final, Grant's pitman called him in for a spalsh and dash. This allowed David to just get through down the straight as Grant came out and credit to David he held the 2nd place for the rest of the 2 mins to the end. Only 2.5 seconds betwwen them both over the finishing line.


Time for a little peace and quiet with the 7 x E Buggy drivers now up for the points. Mick Butler on pole but Simon Larkin had been nipping at his heels all day in qualifying so it was going to be a good one. Off we went and again a pretty clean start by all. Mick and Simon went away from the pack with 3-4 seconds a lap quicker than the rest. So by lap 9 they were well clear and stayed in the same positions throughout the 18min final.  Paul Fyfe and Robbert Beevers where enjoying the most contested racing looking for that last podium spot. It wasnt until lap 17 that it settled down and Paul came away with a bit of breathing space to finish the final 12 secs in front of Robert.


Jack Hirst was leading the pack with a great TQ for the day. However once again, its all about the finish rather than the TQ. He was away in the final and looking well and comfortable. But then disaster struck and on Lap 13 had to retire. This opened up the race and Nick Cox took the advantage first followed by Allan Ward. Mick Butler was chasing also, but on Lap 19 it went 'Pete Ton'g for him also, putting him right back to 7th. Chris Sharpe Simpkiss moved up into 3rd and this is where it finished.


Numbers had been low again this round with only 4 truggies booked in. But we still ran a 22min truggy final of its own.
Alan Yates who had been fast day was head of the pack for the start of this final.  But, we had to delay the final start because Alan's electric Truggy deceided not to play ball. A faulty battery been the issue. He allowed the guys to start the final whilst he got a spare installed. This unfortunatley left him starting the final 12 laps down from the rest. But the king of determinationwasnt going to give up. With the chance to take 3rd spot from Mick Fallows. He only needed to lap Mick 7 times in the entire rest of the final. And as he was lapping 6 seconds a lap quicker it was possible that with a clean run it could happen.  All eyes were cheering Alan on every lap. Poor Mick feeling the pressure of the chasing tekno.  Up front Clive Maland and Ian Slater were well away and just pottering around to the final whistle. So at the end of the 22 min final Alan had managed to Lap Mick 5 times, but the clock wasnt on his side this time around.

Another great days racing with Northern Mates having Northern Fun. So with 3 rounds now complete we move onto rounds 4 and 5. Both over the Bank Holiday August weekend at NWN in Blackpool.
Round 4 on the Astro and Round 5 on the dirt.
With best 3 out of the 5 rounds to count for the trophies its still anyones game.