The Northern Regional Series (NRS) is for 1/8th scale radio controlled model cars.

The series comprises of 5 rounds run at each of the best tracks in the North.

The series will have 5 x categories for the championship trophies.
Nitro Buggy
Electric Buggy


Driver of the series 

There will be the possibility for drivers to book in online via this website prior to each round. Booking in online is optional but is strongly encouraged as this enables the organisers to get things set up prior to the day of the meeting so the day can get under way more quickly. It also enables us to cater for correct numbers where catering is provided. Additionally, should there be any restriction on numbers, it will prevent drivers turning up on the day only to be disappointed.The list of drivers booked in is updated immediately when a booking is made so is always up-to-date.

Rules for the series will be as per BRCA along side the Regional Series, Please make sure before any event you have read the NRS Rules.

Prizes will be distributed via a raffle open to all drivers who have attended 3 or more rounds, except those who are fully sponsored and shall not be entered into the raffle. Tickets will be drawn and prizes given at the final round. If your ticket is drawn and is not claimed by yourself another ticket will be drawn in its place.

Thanks for your support,

The New NRS Team