1. All Events will run to BRCA rules and guidelines

  2. The NRS committee will run the timing of the club hosting the event. The hosting club must be on hand to lend assitance where needed.

  3. Practice is entirely up to the club, the day before the event and run by the club. Payment is to be £5 per person collected by the club

  4. Entry Fee for each event and class will be £15 per Senior driver £10 per Junior driver (16 years old and below)

  5. The series will be over 5 rounds with best 3 rounds scores to count towards championship results.

  6. Each event will have 4 rounds of FTQ (5 min. each) with the best 3 rounds counting. Round 1 will have a 3 min bolt on for practice.

  7. E Buggys & E Truggys will be mixed with nitro for qualifying and finals, subject to numbers on the day allowing for a full heat. The overall final and overall championship points will be allocated to each individual class accordingly.

  8. All lower finals will be 18 minutes. 'A' finals 22 minutes.

  9. All finals will allow for a minimum of 3 bump-ups

  10. All final running times and bump-ups are subject to the discretion of the NRS and the hosting club. Also they are dependant upon conditions and attendance.

  11. Points will be calculated by finals with TQ taking an additional point.  Points shall range from 101 for the win, 99 for second, 98 for third etc.

  12. Should there be more than 100 drivers, drivers failing to achieve a position of 100 or greater shall be awarded 0 points for that round.

  13. In the event of extreme weather conditions during a race event, if 2 rounds have been completed, points will be calculated on qualifying. If less than 2 rounds have been completed, the meeting can be halted until the 2 rounds can be completed. Failing this, the meeting will be cancelled and, where practicable, rescheduled.

  14. Northern Regional Series will not take the responsibility or be held accountable for any decision made by the clubs to protect the drivers, their Club, or any member of the public in the event of a person or persons being injured. All drivers and pitcrew must hold a valid 2018 BRCA licence.

  15. Enjoying your racing is mandatory.